I’m a designer with over 10 years of experience, and I had a previous career as a teacher and academic. My goal is to make software that helps people in their everyday lives, and that creates sustainable value for a purpose-driven organization.

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I conduct research to understand people’s mental models and the Job To Be Done of a product. I take care to understand the business constraints and help craft the strategic direction of the product.


I create inclusive and accessible design by seeking out, listening to, and serving a diverse set of voices in my research and testing. I strive to be a strong ally for my teammates and colleagues.


I value the creative stewardship of ideas, from initial sketches to functional prototypes, and the give-and-take between team members to achieve the best product possible.


I use prototypes to learn what works and what can be improved. I continually monitor feedback to identify enhancements. I read (and listen) widely to keep expanding my knowledge.

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