About Me

A few things to know about me. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram to get a sense of my interests outside of work.

What I can contribute to the team

  1. Research: I can elicit insight from user research and distill that insight into actionable hypotheses that can go into a backlog. I enjoy interviewing users, understanding their underlying needs, and also serving as a bridge between users and the product team (I keep the product team aware on an ongoing basis of what users are saying and how their work is having an impact on them).
  2. Design: Whatever the situation calls for (whether it is whiteboarding, sketching on paper, diagramming in Omnigraffle, designing in Sketch, or prototyping in Axure), I am comfortable turning to the best method to figure out the problem - which might just be a conversation with a developer. While I work well within an existing design system, visual design and animation are two areas where I usually turn to a specialist. The article “The Boring Designer” by Cap Watkins encapsulates a lot of my thoughts on how designers should operate and work within a team.
  3. A collaborative partner: I prefer working collaboratively with designers and developers from the beginning rather than retreating into a "designer cave" and coming back to validate. I frequently seek feedback on my design work, and seek out every opportunity to test it with users.
  4. Mobile expertise: I know Apple’s HIG and the Material Design guidelines well, and I stay up-to-date on the latest capabilities offered by the platforms (for example, the recent introductions of ARKit and CoreML from Apple, and ARCore and TensorFlow Lite from Google). See my writings on floating action buttons on iOS or Apple's new Business Chat feature.
  5. Retail industry knowledge: I have been working on retail-related projects since 2015, and in that time I have been keeping myself aware of industry trends.

Some things to know about me

  1. I enjoy learning and I seek out like-minded people who are interested in sharing their knowledge. This is part of what I love about the UX field in general, that so many people are eager to learn more about human behavior and its intersection with technology.
  2. I have a passion for native mobile app design and research. While websites have a vital and important role to play, I am most excited about all the potential that mobile apps have due to their integration with on-device technologies and the intimate relationship users have with apps. As Luke Wroblewski so eloquently put it, native mobile apps "connect physical and digital spaces."
  3. I enjoy working on teams that are built on trusting relationships between team members who are dedicated to honing their craft, learning from every experience, and building the best possible product.
  4. I find agile projects the most appealing because they combine two things that are very important for any designer or researcher: learning through feedback, and iteration.